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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday, 25 September 2010

5 Rounds:
Where 1 Round is:
Pick up and move heavy rock 15 Meters
Sprint that 15 meters touch the floor and sprint back to the rock.


Run 2Km (1.25 miles)

This workout killed my legs, my 2k time was 50 seconds slower than my previous time...

Today I wasn't in the mood at all to workout, I was in the mood to think about working out and to make workouts, but not to do them, but I feel a lot better now that I have finished my workout. Just goes to show that exersise really does have an effect on your mental and emotional health :)

Knee Problems When Running?
This is very common and can be caused by the running technique reffered to as "Heel Strike." Pose Running or Forefoot Running takes pressure of the knee joints and creates a more efficient way of running. Take a look.

An easy way of eliminating the heel strike is to run bare foot, the human body naturally runs on the forefoot, if you look at running shoes they are crafted so the heel deliberatley strikes the floor first, which is stupid. Shoes that allow forefoot running easily are any flat soled or Vibram Five Fingers.

This video shows the difference and how to change your running style.


  1. Good post I think I will be running more effectively from now on

  2. i've always ran with toes. its less stable but you create less friction and have more spring propelling you

  3. i got a bad back a busted left wrist / whole hand bad carwreck and a bum knee it hurts to work out

  4. Here's my workout:

    Cheeseburger lifts.

    1. Lift cheeseburger.
    2. repeat until cheeseburger is gone

    beer lifts (12 oz)

    1 Lift beer to mid-face, and drink
    2. repeat until wasted

  5. I really need to get in shape, so I'll be sure to follow this blog