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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Holding the barbell was a challenge with the state my hands were in.

5 Rounds For Time:
10 - Overhead Squat (OHS) @ 40kgs
20 - Sit Ups

Time: 9:56

Today I found the OHS particularly difficult today for some reason.

Why hold things overhead?
The overhead squat requires a combination of integrated functional strength, flexibility and neuromuscular efficiency. So it is just super functional. But the overhead position, expecially with weight uses your whole core to stabilize the load above the head, your abs and lower back are tight holding the weight there, as soon as they relax the weight will drop either forwards or backwards. I found the first time that I performed OHS in a workout, the next day, my abs were stuffed. So this comes back to the saying I was once told "If you want abs, squat" The squat uses the core to keep the body upright and when a load is added this is harder, and when a load is added overhead again even harder, this is really emphasizing load on the core muscles.

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  1. so would sotts press be great for abs right?

  2. Yes it would, but not as much as OHS because with OHS you have the added difficulty of standing up and then squating back down all the way and the added vertical motion makes it harder to keep the bar stable. I find that every time I have failed a rep of an OHS it is on the way up. But you are right Sotts press would work your abs and core.

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